Hey there gorgeous babes!

My name is Taylor Rohl and I am the owner of Rohlia! I am a 4th generation business owner, the first female and the first in the fashion industry! I launched Rohlia my senior year at The Ohio State University in August 2018 out of my apartment in Columbus, Ohio. I now have my Bachelor of Science in Education and Human Ecology. I created Rohlia to help bring fashionably classic and trendy clothing to the millennial woman trying to stand out in a crowed. I personally hand select the clothing, shoes and jewelry that you are able to shop now! My goal is to display the clothing on as many body types as possible to help showcase how they look on almost anyone’s body and so you can have the most informative decision on sizing and styling when purchasing! I want you to get the right fit and make a knowledgable and confident purchase! I encourage and welcome any questions or concerns about sizing and styling and I will personally help you get the right size to the best of my abilities!

Many of you have asked me how to pronounce Rohlia, what the meaning is and how I came up with the name. Rohlia is pronounced “row-lee-ah”. After a long time of brainstorming and running through a never ending list of names for my boutique Rohlia finally came to me. When my family originally came to the United States at least a century ago, our last name was a lot longer than what it is now. My last name was shortened multiple times throughout the decades for various reasons and, is now Rohl. I decided to name my boutique Rohlia as a tribute to my family for the constant support and love in every aspect of my life!

Happy shopping,


P.S. We are proudly owned & operated by women!

Rohlia, LLC